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von H.D.Gebauer

Annales Géologiques de Madagascar

(Tananrive:Imprimerie Officielle) XXIX, 1960 XXX, 1961

Carte Miniere et des Indices a l'échelle du 1/500.0000.Notice Explicative.

(Tananarive:Service Geologique)

No 1 , Mars 1972 No 11,Fev. 1972

No 2 , Juin 1972 No 12,Mars 1972

No 3 , Mars 1972 No 13, 1972

No 4 , Mars 1972

No 5 , Mars 1972

No 6, Mars 1973

No 7, Mars 1972

No 8, Dec 1972

No 9, Mars 1972

No10, Mars 1972



Climate and Geology of Kashmir.The last 4 million years.Proceeding of the International Workshop on the Late Cenozoic Paleoclimatic Changes in Kashmir and Central Asia,

Ahmedabad,19-23 october,1982,

Current Trends in Geology

(New Dehli:Todays and Tomorrow/s)Vol.6.



East Yunnan Speleological Expedition 1991,

(s.l.:Belgian Chinese Karst and Caves

Association & Academia Sinica),51pp,33 Abb


Höllischer Gestank.Höhlenforscher in der rumänischen Dobruschda:Lichtloses Labyrinth mit fleischfressenden Insekten.-

Der Spiegel.



Expedice Himalaya - prímé zpráva

(5.zpráva z Nepálu)4.11.1985

Stalagmit,zpravodaj Ceské speleologické

spolecnosti urceny pro cleny a spolopracovníky

(Praha:Speleologicky Klub),8(1):18-23,6 photos.

(In Czech)Continuation of ANONYM 1985c.

ANONYM (s.a.):


Wisdom of Tibet

(Dharamsala:Tibetan Cultural Printing Press),


(In Tibetan) Comic strip depicting the biography of the famous Tibetan poet/philosopher Milarepa,who spent most of his life meditating in caves of the Himalaya.


Trek to Mustang.-

(Kathmandu:Mandala Book point),37pp,fig.3 maps,19 photos

The Trekker's Guide to North Mustang district refers to the many artificial caves in the conglomerate cliffs and to the natural cave of Rangbyun Cave.Two photos show an unspecified cavernous cliff above Kali Gandaki river,and the interior of Rangbyun Cave respectively.

ATKINSON,Edward T.(1989)

The Himalayan Gazetteer.-

Gazettteer of the North Western Provinces,

(Allahabad : Government Printing Press) Vol.X-XII.

BÄUMLER,Georg & GEBAUER,Herbert Daniel (1992):

Die Siddha Gupha,die tiefste Höhle Nepals.-

Mitteilungen des Verbandes der Deutschen Höhlen-und Karstforscher


(In German) Brief description of new discoveries extending the cave to a length of 435 m and a depth of -103 m (Himalayan depth record)


The Life of Hieun-Tsiang.-

(Dehli:Munshiram Manoharlal),218pp.

Reprint of BEAL 1911.Relates to Nagaraja Gopala cave (today situated in Pakistan) on pages 60-63;to "Bottomless Pits" in India situated to the South East of the Kapilavastu:93-94;and to the cave-dwellings of Yarkiang on page 202.


Si-Yu-Ki.Buddhist Records of the Western World.Translated from the Chinese of Hiuen Tsiang(A.D.629).-

(Dehli:Motilal Banarsidas),2 vols. in 1,370 pp,index.

Reprint of BEAL 1884,refers to the Naga Gopala cavern on pages 93-95,177,11181-18882;;and to the Yarkiang niches(subterrean settlements?) on page 306.

BISHOP,John Melville & BISHOP,Naomi Hawes (1978):

An Ever-Changing Place.A Year among Snow Monkeys and Sherpas in the Himalayas.-

(Kathmandu:Center for Action Research),


BORDET,Pierre,COLCHEN,Michel, KRUMMENACHER,Daniel,LE FORT,Patrick,MOUTERDE,René,REMY,Jean-Marcel (1971):

Recherches Géologiques dans l'Himalaya du Népal,Région de la Thakkola.-

(Paris:Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) ,279pp , 70 figs, 1:75.000.


Tibetan cave sediments: a SEM study of clastical deposits from Tibetan paleokarst.-

Carsologica Sinica

(Guilin:Institute of Karst Geology),9(1):76-81 and 81-87,2 figs.ISSN 1001-4810.

(In English and Chinese)The studied sediment samples are all frsh,lacking any environmental modification features [R.Bernasconi].

CHANG,Garma Chen-chi(1989a):

The hundred thousand songs of Milarepa.

Volume one.-

(Boston & Shaftsbury:Shambala),356p,ISBN 0-87773-095-4

(In English) First volume of CHANG 1962,1977 reprinted.

CHANG,Garma Chen-chi(1989b):

The hundred thousand songs of Milarepa.

Volume two.-

(Boston & Shaftsbury:Shambala),373p


(In English) Second volume of CHANG 1962, 1977 reprinted


A buddhist Guide to the Power Places of the Kathmandu Valley.-

Kailash,A journal of Himalayan Studies,

(Kathmandu:Ratna Pustak Bhandar) ,8(3/4):1883-291

The study of cultural history refers to several caves within the Katmandu Valley.Six different caves on pages 220ff;Halesi:250;Yanglesho:249-253,255;Asura cave:251,255-258;and Chobar:270.


Tim in Tibet.-

Tim und Struppi


German issue of the comic strip mentioning an icecave in the High Himalaya on the pages 29f,,31-35,and a rocky cave housing a Yeti on pages 55-57.


Die Terrassen an der Seti Khola.Ein Beitrag zur quartären Morphogenese in Zentralnepal.



HUC, Joseph & GABET , Régis-Evariste (1988)

Travels in Tartary,Thibet and China-

(New Dehli & Madras:Asian Educational Services),2 vols.,XLIV+387+406pp,index.

ISBN 81-206-0396-6(hbk),81-206-0398-2(pbk).

JENNINGS,Joseph Newell (1987 rep,1st ed.1985):

Karst Geomorphology.-

(Oxford:Basil Blackwell),293pp,91 fig,45 plates,28pp biblio,index.

JOSHI,S.C.,JOSHI,D.R. & DANI,D.D. (1983):

Kumaon Himalaya.A Geographical Perspective on Resource Development.-

(Naini Tal :Gyyanodaya Prakashan) ,324pp,figs.maps,tables,biblio.

Furnishes a comprehensive introduction to the natural resources of the Kumaon Himal (Uttar Pradesh) from an ecological,ethnological and economic point of view.

JOSHI,Sattya Mohan (1975,editor):

Bibliography of Nepal.-

(Kathmandu:Royal Nepal Academy),529pp index.

Kahlensteiner Höhlenverein e.V. (1992):

Speläo Südwest 23.-25.10.1992.-


An outline of Quarternary Morphogenetic Processes in the East Nepal Himalaya.-

In:VERMA & SAKLANI 1982: 87-113


Terraced plains of Central Nepal Midlands:

Typical Examples of Neotectonic Landforms.-

In: VERMA & SAKLANI 1982: 115-132.

Some important clues to sedimentary deposits of Kathmandu Valley and the cave bearing river terraces of Pokhara Valley..



(Darmstadt:Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft) ,213pp , 22figs,73photos , biblio,index.

(In German) Refers to primary caves in glacial deposits developed due to melting of burried ice.

LHALUNGA,Lobsang Phuntsok(1984b):

The life of Milarepa.-

(London:Random House),0-394-72696-0.

(In English) British reprint of LHALUNGA 1979.


Ground water for small scale irrigation in minikarstic limestone terrain in Saurashtra area in Western India.-

Proceedings IAH 21st congress,Guilin,China 1988,

(Guilin),vol.21,part 1:441-445.

The paper deals with the occurence of ground water in the miliolithic and minikarstic limestone of Saurashstra district, situated between the Gulf of Kutch and Gulf of Cambay , and with the exploration for locating suitable sites for dug wells for agricultural exploitation.The typical cavities encountered in the Pleistocen to Recent limestone are a few millimetres in diameter and up to a few centimetres in length.


Flora of Nagarjun.-

Bulletin of the Department of Medicinal Plannts of Nepal

(Thapathali,Kathmandu:Ministry of Forests),


A listing of plants and a brief geographical introduction to the cave bearing karst of Nagarjun at the Kathmandu Valley rim.

MARK, Harald (1991):

Karststudien in Thailand.-

Bochumer Geographische Arbeiten,Heft 54.

(Paderborn:Schöningh):151pp,65 Abb,26 Fotos, 8 Tab,Bibliographie.

MISHRA, Tara Narda(1991):

A brief survey of Nepalese archaeological surveys in Nepal.-

Rolamba,Journal of Joshi Research Institute,


Recalls TIWARI 1985 and MISHRA 1988 on the Chokhopani (rather:Marshang Kyu) cave burial site.


Karst hydrology:India.-

Proceedings IAH 21st congress, Guilin,China 1988 (Guilin),vol.21,part 1:446-450,biblio.

The paper is based on the exploratory drills made in Madhya Pradesh,Andra Pradesh and Maharashtra and claims that groudwater potential is not high. Gives a stratigraphic column of limestones in India ranging from Eocene to Archaen agge and lists Indian limestone areas.

PANDEY , R.N. (1987,Baisakh 2044):

Paleo-environment and Prehistory of Nepal.-

Contributions to Nepalese Studies.Journal of the Research Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies.

(Kirtipur,Kathmandu:CNAS,Tribhuvan University) , 14(2,April,Baisakh 2044) : 111-124,2pp.bibliography.

The review of Nepalese researches in Prehistory focuses on the geologyy of the Neogene to the Quarternary deposits of the Siwaliks and the Central Nepal.A brief reference is made to the cave-burial site of Chokhopani:114,121-122.

PEISSEL,Michel (1988):

Mustang,Royaume Tibétain Interdit.-


(In French) Reprint of PEISSEL 1977.


Conflict and resolution in the Biography of Milarepa.-

The Tibet Journal

(?:?),XVII,1 (spring): 68-77.

"For most Tibetan Buddhists who are faced with the task of making life decisions based on both practical concerns of daily life and the ultimate demands and goals of their religion...the significance of (the life-story of Milarepa is,that it ) ...presents the positive and the negative aspects of both poles of dichotomies (e.g. home life / cave life),finally leaving each individual to make his/her own decisions."

RIMPOCHE, Lama Kungpa & CUTILLO, Brian (1978)

Drinking the Mountain Stream.Further Stories and Songs of Milarepa,Yogin,Poet, and Teacher of Tibet.-

(New York:Lotsawa),181pp,3ill.

Cover illustration by Carole KOWALCHUK.

Eighteen selections translated from the Tibetan compilation

>rdo-rjei-mgyur-druk-sogs-gsung-rgyun-thor-bu-p a-agaa<,which starts:"Here(in Tibet) the great,famous siddha known as Milarepa...practised austerities and was accustomed to living in caves like man is to wearing a hat."

Rimpoche , Lama Kungpa & CUTILLO , Brian (1986b):

Miraculous Journey.Further Stories and Songs of Milarepa,Yogin,Poet and Teacher of Tibet.-

(Novato,California:Lotswana) , XVII+232p,6ill, map.ISBN 0-932156-02-9.

Paperback edition of RIMPOCHE & CUTILLO 1986

ROSSI,Georges (1980):

L'extrême-nord de Madagascar.-

(Aix-en-Provence:Chaudoreille-Edisud),440p,114 Abb,31 Tab,32 Tafeln,3 geolog.Karten,


SERKO , Alfred & MICHELER , Ivan 1958,2.Aufl.):

Die Grotte von Postojna (Adelsberger Grotte) und sonstige Sehenswürdigkeiten des Karstes.-

(Ljubljana : Postojnska jama) , 196pp ,Fotos, Bibliographie,Index,Beilagen.

Übersetzt von Dr.Valter Bohinec,Aufnahmen von Franci Bar,Karten und Pläne von Finzgar Vilko.


Sedimentary Geology of the Himalaya-.

Current Trends in Geology Vol.5,

(New Dehli: Today & Tomorrow's),246pp.

A sampler of contributions on the edimentary Geology of the Indian Himalayas with several references to limestone features in the NW and NE of India.

SIEBERT,Rüdiger (1991):

Vorstoß ins Innerste von Indien.Die Höhlenheiligtümer Ajanta und Ellora.-

Magazin,Frankfurter Rundschau am Wochenende (Frankfurt) , pages M1-2,photo , map.

(In German) Contribution to a Newspaper's travel section on the artifical cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora with up to date touristic information.


Places of Pilgrimage in Thag (Thakkola).-

Kailash,A journal of Himalayan Studies, (Kathmandu:Ratna Pustak Bhandar) , 7(2) , illus,photos,map.

The study of cultural history refers to the cave "Guru Sang Phug" which is the "Kursangmo" of the British) on pages 112-128 passim.

SNELLGROVE,David (1989):

Himalayan Pilgrimage.A Study of Tibetan Religion by a Traveller through Western Nepal.-(Boston & Shaftesbury: Shambala),

XXXVIII+304pp,44 plates, 8 maps,index.

ISBN 0-87773-474-7 (pbk).

Paperback edition of SNELLGROVE 1981.The study of cultural history by an anthropologist cursory relates to several speleological features-Palang Cave:26;P'alä Cave/Dunyur:54;Do'ro Cave:157f;a spacious cave on the way from Kagbeni to Dölpo: 165;the cave temple

"sman-rtsi lha-kang",or "Temple of Medicinal Juice":171 and plate XXXIXa;Marpha rock temple:185,Thimi meditation cave:186f;"Self produced place of Promenade",or "Gcong-ghzi rang-byung"i.e. Rangbyun cave: 189;Bartsan Cave:250;and in the back of the photo of plate XLIII between the pages 272-273 there are sheadows reminding the experienced of artificial cliff-dwellings.


Journey to Mustang.-

Bibliotheca Himalayica,series I,volume 23.

(Kathmandu:Ratna Pustak Bhandar),85pp,39 illus,map.


A God's Journey,The Parheli of the God Lama From Lekhpur(Sija).-

Kailash,A journal of Himalayan Studies,

(Kathmandu:Ratna Pustak Bhandar),


VERMA,V.K. & SAKLANI,P.S.(1982):

Himalaya.Landform and Processes.-

(New Dehli :Todays & Tomorrow's), VI+166pp,ill,maps

WALTHAM,Anthony C.(1971):

Caving in the Himalaya.-

Himalayan Journal.Records of the Himalayan Club.

(Bombay:Oxford University Press), 1; 13-116, map, 4 photos.


Limestone Karsts of the Annapurna Region,Nepal Himalayas.-

Cave Science,Transactions of the British Cave Research Association

(London:BCRA),18(2,August):99-104,figs, photos,biblio.

The Annapurna region contains three units of limestones and karst - the Nilgiri Limestone of the high summits,the Jomosom Lomestones further north with the famous holy springs of Muktinath,and the Holocene Pokhara Limestone further south with its substantial cave development.The Pokhara caves are formed in limestones little more than 500 years old.Brief new observations add to data documented earlier.


The British Karst Research Expedition 1979.

Expedition Log.-

Himalayan Journal.Records of the Himalyan Club.

(Bombay: Oxford University Press), 31:117-131.


Tectonic Tilting of Mountain-Front Alluvial Fans Near the Sapta Kosi Gorge,Eastern Nepal.-

In:VERMA & SAKLANI 1982: 115-132.

Some important clues to sedimentary deposits containing conglomerate caves.


Die HAG-Bibliothek ist die speläologische Bibliothek der Höhlenarbeitsgemeinschaft Schwäbisch Gmünd.Sie wird im wesentlichen von H.D.Gebauer betreut und erweitert.In ihr finden sich Zeitschriften aus nationalem und internationalem Schriftentausch im Austausch mit dem Abseiler und den früheren Mitteilungen der HAG.Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt ist speläologische Fachliteratur , vor allem über karstkundliche Berichte im asiatischen Raum.Der Bestand der Bibliothek vergrößert sich laufend und gehört sicherlich in ihrem asiatischen Bestand zu den umfangreichsten in Süddeutschland.

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